Baby cakes – Gender reveal and showers

Baby cakes are such a popular way to celebrate the pending arrival of those small bundles of joy. Click through our baby cakes gallery for a glimpse of designs.


Don’t see anything that you had in mind? We custom craft designs to size, shape and with features to suit your needs. Simply let us know your idea and we’ll craft it for you.

Revealing the sex of your baby

Can’t wait for baby to arrive before letting people know whether your little one will be a girl or a boy? Tell them the tasty way with a gender reveal cake with tasy coloured sponge. Cutting into a gender reveal cake will show either pink or blue sponge to show the sex of your baby. In some cases it’s both colours and we can cater for this, too!

Surprising your friend or family member with a baby shower

No baby shower is complete without a baby shower cake or cupcakes to share. With many designs to choose from, we can help you find the perfect items to top your party cakes with. Your baby cakes can be set to certain colours or simply plain to hide the babies sex. Already have babies name? We can include that, too!

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Baby cakes in Grimsby for baby showers and gender reveals

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